Vibration isolation from "Standart Group" is not just about high-quality materials but also unique technologies. During the final stage of vibration isolation production, an embossing roller with "double square" technology is used. This allows for the automatic elimination of the air gap completely between the aluminum foil and the mastic layer.


Deloud is the premium class in the world of soundproofing materials. This material is designed for those who are not willing to compromise when it comes to comfort and quietness in their vehicle. Deloud offers maximum noise reduction, creating an environment inside the vehicle comparable to luxury class comfort levels.

DeLoud - Premium Solution for Maximum Comfort

Noise Control

Noise Control represents an advanced level of soundproofing, ideal for those who value comfort and quietness in their vehicle. This material provides an optimal balance between quality and cost, significantly reducing external noise and improving the acoustic characteristics of the interior.

Noise Control - Balance of Quality and Efficiency


Reliable and Affordable Solution Technik is the entry-level soundproofing material that combines reliability with affordability. This material is designed for drivers who want to enhance the acoustic comfort of their vehicle without significant expense. Technik effectively reduces noise and vibrations, ensuring a quieter and more pleasant ride.

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