About the Company

"Standart group" is a manufacturing enterprise engaged in the production and sale of vibro-sound-thermal insulation materials since 2004.

Today, we are one of the few companies specializing in the development and production of materials for the automotive industry and car tuning. With our narrow specialization, we have extensive knowledge of how to make your car as quiet and comfortable as possible. If your car is soundproofed with materials from "Standart group," you will always have a guarantee of positive results and enjoyment while driving your vehicle.

Our regular clients include car assembly plants, service centers, and installation centers specializing in tuning, including the installation of Hi-End class car audio.

Our materials can solve all noise insulation problems found in almost all cars. Many people do not realize how much the driving experience changes when annoying noise and squeaking are eliminated. The comfort level in a quiet car is significantly higher than in a vehicle without sound insulation, leading to much greater enjoyment of trips.

By product type, our offerings include: vibro-isolation, sound insulation, thermal insulation, sealing, and decor.

Our automotive sound insulation products are released under the following brands and categories:

Premium Class — Deloud Mid-range Class — Standard Profi & Noise Control Budget Class — Technik Deloud — Premium class sound insulation materials designed for professional installers. This brand's products are used to prepare cars for car audio competitions and boast the highest technical characteristics.

Standard Profi — A classic line of sound-vibration-thermal insulation materials for professional installation, both in specialized centers and by DIY enthusiasts.

Technik — A budget series of materials.

Company Mission To make every person's car journey as quiet and comfortable as possible.

Main Goal To have our products installed in 50% of cars in Russia.